WIC–for you!


Here for you! Women Infants and Children WIC is here for you!

Friendly and helpful! Our WIC staff care about you! We live in your community. We are well-trained! We help you learn more about healthy food, breastfeeding, pregnancy, babies, and children.

From the community Most of the people who work at our WIC centers live nearby. Some started as WIC moms. They began learning more about heath and nutrition when they came to WIC. They appreciated how the WIC program helped them, and wanted to work for WIC.

Training and education The staff at your WIC center know a lot about pregnant women, mothers, babies and children. They are well-trained in the areas of pregnancy, breastfeeding, nutrition, healthy foods, shots and parenting. They can help you keep your family healthy!

WIC educators You will meet virtually or by phone with a WIC educator for one-on-one sessions about nutrition and health. You will have the chance to share your questions and concerns. Read more about one-on-one phone sessions. Click here>>

Breastfeeding peer counselors Breastfeeding peer counselors are women who have breastfed their own babies. They also are well-trained in breastfeeding. Read more about help with breastfeeding. Click here>>

Lactation consultants Lactation consultants are well-trained professionals in the field of breastfeeding. They have been certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. Read more about help with breastfeeding. Click here>>

Nutritionists Nutritionists have a college degree in nutrition. We have a nutritionist at each of our WIC centers. Has your doctor given you or your child a special diet because of a health condition? Are you concerned about your child’s development? If so, a nutritionist will be happy to speak with you. Read more here>>

Questions? If you have questions, call (310) 661-3080 .