South Los Angeles Health Projects

Improving health At South Los Angeles Health Projects, we work to improve the health of our participants. The people we serve are low-income adults, infants and children in South Los Angeles.

Most of our families are Latino or African American.

Our programs We have several programs. One of these is WIC. This is our nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children. Another program is Healthy Families America.

Our families When we help people to stay healthy or to be healthier, their quality of life is better too.

Our participants Most of our participants are:
• pregnant women
• women who have recently given birth
• babies
• toddlers and children to age 5

Our focus We focus on
• healthy eating
• breastfeeding
• immunization
• healthy pregnancies
• staying healthy in between pregnancies

Our WIC program WIC is our largest program. We serve more than 85,000 Latino and African-American participants. We have 11 WIC centers where we provide services. For a list of our WIC center locations, click here>>

Our WIC services We encourage , support and educate our parents by offering:
• individual sessions to obtain Information and ask questions from trained WIC educators
• parent sessions about healthy eating and parenting
• breastfeeding support groups
• breastfeeding specialists and nutritionists on staff to offer guidance and support
• referrals to community and medical resources
• CA WIC Card for buying healthy foods

Read more about our WIC program on this website.

Healthy Families America This is a home visitation program. Home visitors meet with mothers of newborns and other family members. These staff members are trained to help families with the physical, educational, and social development of their children.

Immunization We counsel and encourage people of all ages to get their shots. We encourage immunization through our WIC program. We also work with community partners to increase immunization rates community-wide. One of our partners is the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Another partner is Immunize LA Families.