Free shots for children in December!

Flu and COVID shots for children Your children from age 6 months to 18 years can receive COVID shots, flu shots during flu season, and many other types of shots from COACH for Kids. And they can receive free checkups and other services.

Near WIC offices Several times a week, a COACH for Kids van with nurses and medical equipment comes to several cities and parks near WIC offices.. This van is just like a clinic or doctor’s office.

COACH for Kids This is a COACH for Kids van.

Who? Your babies, children and teenagers up to age 18 can receive free medical care.

What kinds of medical care? What kinds of medical care do your children need?

Your COACH for Kids appointment Is this the first time you have heard about COACH for Kids? If you need one or more of your children to receive medical care, you may make an appointment. Call COACH for Kids. Their phone number is 1-888-926-2249.

Only for awhile COACH for Kids does not take the place of doctor’s offices and clinics.

Referrals COACH provides the health services your children need right now. COACH staff will then help connect you and your family to a nearby doctor’s office or clinic. This is called a “medical home” because you can take your children there many times. COACH may also connect you to other health resources in the community.

When and where? COACH for Kids will park near several of our WIC offices each month. COACH for Kids also visits other nearby locations.

Questions? If you have questions about receiving health services, call COACH for Kids at 1-888-926-2249.

December schedule Would you like one or more of your children to have a medical appointment in December? Remember: call to make an appointment. 1-888-926-2249

COACH for Kids visits COACH for Kids is visiting these locations during the month of December.

Monday, December 4th
Parmelee Avenue Elementary
1338 E. 76th Pl.
Los Angeles, CA. 90037

Tuesday, December 5th
Manchester WIC Office
250 E. Manchester Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90003

Wednesday, December 6th
Superior Grocers
7316 Compton Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90001

Thursday, December 7th
Northgate Market
944 E. Slauson Ave
Los Angeles, CA. 90011

Monday, December 11th
Carver Middle School
4410 McKinley Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90011

Tuesday, December 12th
99th Street Elementary
9900 S. Wadsworth Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90002

Are you eligible for WIC? Learn more about eligibility here or phone (310) 661-3080.