Getting a good start

WIC breastfeeding mom You’re almost ready! Your body will be ready to provide your own milk to your baby as soon as she is born.

Baby’s tiny tummy Your new baby’s tummy is very, very tiny. When your baby is born, you will produce small drops of milk. These drops of milk will be enough for your baby.

Just what baby needs Your first milk is called colostrum. This type of milk is exactly what she needs. Yes, your milk is food for your baby. Your first milk is also like an immunization. It protects your baby from germs and keeps him well.

Don’t worry! Yes, you will make enough milk for your baby. Don’t worry! You can expect to breastfeed her 10 times each day or even more. Breastfeeding often will help your body make as much milk as your new baby needs. These first feedings are practice for both of you. And they are a time to get to know each other. Do you wonder what will happen during your baby’s first week? Read here about your baby’s first week!>>

Enroll your baby in WIC Come to one of our WIC centers to enroll your baby in WIC. We will answer your questions and give you helpful information. And you will learn about how to understand your new baby’s behavior. Read here about your new baby’s behavior.>>

Extra time Expect to spend some extra time at this visit. There’s a lot to talk about!