More summer fruits and vegetables for you!

Who’s eligible for more fruits and vegetables? Are you a WIC mom? Do you have a WIC child who is 12 months old and older? If so, you will receive more dollars on your WIC Card for fruits and vegetables.

For example Each eligible WIC participant will receive $35 per month on the WIC Card for produce.

If there are 2 eligible participants in your family, you will receive $70 to spend on fruits and vegetables each month.

If there are 4 eligible participants in your family, you will receive $140 on your WIC Card each month.

Which months? The increase in the value of the fruit and vegetables benefit will begin June 1, 2021, and last through September 30, 2021.

Your WIC Food Balance If you have already been issued your benefits for June, the extra amount will be added automatically to your WIC Card. You will see it on June 1st.

Stores and farmers You can use your fruit and vegetable benefits at WIC-approved stores. And also with farmers who accept the WIC Card.

Where are the stores and farmers? Find approved WIC vendors and farmers who accept the WIC Card on the website.

More news WIC is returning to the regular food list that we used before the pandemic. It’s possible that some of the foods you used to buy won’t be on the approved list anymore.

Change starting June 1st WIC will return to using the regular food list Tuesday, June 1st.

You may remember WIC added new foods to the food list soon after the pandemic began. This was because there were so many foods that people couldn’t find in the stores for a while.

How will you know? You can find out which foods are on the Regular Approved Product List. Here’s how:

• Check your WIC Shopping Guide. You can find this on the MyFamily website.
• Scan a food’s barcode at the store using the WIC App. This will tell you whether WIC has approved this food.

Check your WIC Food Balance You will see which foods are available for you to buy. Here’s how to find your latest WIC food balance information:

• Use the free WIC App.
• Look at your store receipt from your last shopping trip.
• Ask a cashier or customer service person at the grocery store to print your WIC Food Balance.
• Call the toll-free number on the back of your WIC Card: 1-844-4MY-FAMILY or 1-844-469-3264.

Questions? Call South LA Health Projects WIC at (310) 661-3080.