California WIC mobile website


Especially for you! Have you used the California WIC mobile website yet? It was created to help people who live anywhere in this state.

Input the website address When you input the website address, you will find a lot of helpful information about WIC.

Bookmark this website to your phone! This way it will be easy to use the website wherever you are.

Click on this website address now! You’ll see how valuable this site is.

Easy to use This mobile website is simple and easy to use. Just click on any of the helpful icons.
• Are you looking for a market near you that accepts WIC food checks?
• Do you want to know the date of your next WIC appointment?
• Do you want to know which food checks have been issued to you?

Nearby WIC locations Click on “WIC Locations” and input your zip code. No matter where you live in California, you can find the WIC centers near you.

Nearby WIC grocers Click on “WIC Grocers” and input your zip code. You will find markets near you that accept WIC food checks.

Your next WIC appointment Click on “My WIC” and input your WIC ID number to learn the date of your next appointment.

WIC food list and shopping guide Click on “Food List” to see which foods are WIC foods.

And much more! Check out the mobile website to see its extra features.

Why 2 websites? The California WIC mobile website was created for website visitors anywhere in California. The website you’re visiting now was created especially for residents in South Los Angeles and area cities. You will see that these 2 websites are very different.