Treatment for COVID-19—free and available now!

Treatment for COVID-19 If you have COVID-19, you can be treated for it.

Paxlovid The name of the pill for treating COVID-19 is Paxlovid. It’s
• safe
• free
• easy-to-find

Why take Paxlovid? This pill
• works well
• can stop your COVID-19 from becoming serious
• can stop the germs from growing and multiplying in your body
• can help you test negative sooner
• may lower the risk of Long COVID symptoms

Recommended COVID-19 treatments are recommended for most adults and some teens.

• Most adults and some teens can take COVID-19 treatments.
• You can receive a treatment whether you have insurance or not.
• You can receive a treatment whether you are a US citizen or not.

Winter surge Los Angeles County is seeing many new cases of COVID. This is because many people are gathering indoors to celebrate the holidays and to stay warm.

Booster shots and masks Have you received all your booster shots? Have your children? Make sure to get all your booster shots and continue to wear your mask.

Soon! As soon as you feel sick, get tested.

Free! You can find free COVID-19 testing.
• Call the statewide COVID-19 hotline at 833-422-4255
Or visit this website

Do you have symptoms? Act fast! You must receive this treatment between 5 and 7 days after your symptoms start.

Choices You have four choices when you know you have COVID-19. As soon as possible:

• call your doctor
• or call an urgent care center
• or visit to connect to a free telehealth provider
• or call 833-686-5051 to connect to a free telehealth provider

All at one time! When you visit a Test To Treat location, you will be able to:
• get tested for COVID and
• talk to a doctor and
• get treatment

Test To Treat location Do you want to visit a Test To Treat location? Call 833-422-4255.

Isolate from others If you have symptoms, stay away from other people for at least 5 full days. Use the Personal Testing and Isolation Calculator. Click here. This will help you figure out how long you should stay away from other people.

Tell people! You know which people you were around recently. Tell them that they may have been exposed. You can call, text, or email them. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can let them know by visiting the Tell Your Contacts website.

Call the statewide COVID-19 hotline 833-422-4255:
• if you need help with finding free COVID-19 treatment
• or if you want more information

More information
• You can learn more about COVID-19 treatment. Visit

More questions? You may have more questions about COVID-19 treatment, If so, please email