Create your nutrition education account online!

    Is online education for you? You may prefer to learn online.

    • It’s convenient. Which days are best for you? Which time is best?
    • You can learn at your own pace. Take as much time as you need.
    • The lessons are valuable. You will see that the information is exactly what you need.

    Printing information You may want to print this information about online education. If you do, click here.

    Steps for setting up your account
    1. Go to

    2. Click on Sign Up.

    3. Look for Create an Account.
    • Select Language.
    • Select State: California
    • Select Agency: Lundquist WIC
    • Select your clinic.
    • Enter your 9 digit Family ID Number

    Your clinic name If you don’t know your clinic name, phone us at (310) 661-3080.

    4. Look for the Account Information section.
    • Choose a Username.
    • Enter your Email Address.
    • Choose a Password.
    • Answer Security Questions.

    5. Click Register.

    6. Complete My Information section.

    7. Click Finish Profile.

    You’re ready! Now you can begin your online education!

    Which lesson? Which lesson did you and your WIC counselor talk about? Complete that lesson.

    Before your next WIC visit Complete the lesson before your next WIC phone visit. If you like, fill out the survey. WIC will receive your Certificate of Completion electronically.

    During your next WIC appointment Tell your WIC counselor that you have completed your online education.