Afraid of Coronavirus? Protect yourself and others!

Prevent the spread of Corona Virus!!
Wash your hands often!
Wash with soap, for at least 20 seconds. Or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. (Soap is more effective than hand sanitizer.)
Wear a mask! This is the best way to protect your family and others.
Practice social distancing!
Cover your mouth with a tissue or sleeve if you cough.
Stay home if you are sick, even if you’re only mildly sick. Don’t wait till you are very sick!
Clean and disinfect surfaces that you use often, such as doorknobs, cellphones and toys.
Make a schedule for e cleaning and disinfecting. Clean thoroughly.
Stay far away from people who are sick.

Why should I wear a mask? Wear a mask or another kind of face covering. This will protect you and others! All of us must wear a face covering over our noses and mouths when we go anywhere.

This has been ordered by the City of Los Angeles and by Los Angeles County. A face covering can be a mask, bandana or covering made from another fabric.

Should I wear a mask when I’m sick? Yes! If you are sick, wear a mask or other face covering in

doors and outdoors so you won’t spread your germs to other people.

What should I do if I think I have Coronavirus 2019 or a family member does?
• Call your doctor’s office!
• Describe the symptoms.
• Follow your doctor’s instructions.

Coronavirus 2019 Are you afraid of the Coronavirus? Many people are.

Right now The LA County Health Department reports that the virus is spreading across the County. That’s why it is extremely important to follow the public health recommendations about what’s called social distancing. Being especially clean is strongly recommended too.

Safer at Home Order Los Angeles County has issued an order to keep everyone safer from the Coronavirus. Read the Safer at Home Order here>>
What is social distancing? This means that everyone should stay at least six feet away from others to protect themselves. This is especially important when anyone nearby seems to be sick.

Why a “State of Emergency? The “State of Emergency” is helping the government to protect the public quickly.

New information every day There’s more to learn every day. It’s important to continue learning about the virus. These websites are updated often.

Learn more about Coronavirus 2019 here

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Don’t panic! Stay calm, continue to learn about this illness, and be careful.

What is it? Coronavirus 2019 is a virus. It causes the disease called COVID-19.

Is there a vaccine for Coronavirus 2019? No, you can’t get a shot to protect you from Coronavirus 2019. Scientists are working to develop a vaccine right now.

Can I take antibiotics or other medicine? No, antibiotics will not treat this virus. And there are no other medicines available to treat this virus.

Symptoms Common symptoms of Coronavirus 2019 are:
• Fever
• Cough
• Difficulty breathing
• Chills
• Repeated shaking from chills
• Headache
• Sore throat
• Muscle pain
• Loss of taste or smell

Other facts about symptoms:
• A person can be infected by Coronavirus 2019 and not have any symptoms for as long as 2 weeks.
• Some sick people experience only very mild symptoms or none at all.
• Illness ranges from mild to severe. Most people get better.
• In severe cases the illness may cause death.

How is Coronavirus 2019 spread? You can become infected with Coronavirus:
• If you are near a person with Coronavirus 2019
• If a person with Coronavirus 2019 coughs or sneezes near you
• If you kiss someone who has the virus
• If you share drinks, eating utensils or food with a person with Coronavirus 2019
• If you touch a surface such as a door handle that has the virus on it, and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth

Be prepared! Make sure that at home you have enough of these supplies to last a few days:
• Water
• Food
• Medicine
• Toilet paper
• Cleaning supplies
• Anything else you may need, such as diapers

Get your flu shot! Get a flu shot as soon as possible if you haven’t gotten it already. Protect yourself against influenza!

What should I do if I’m breastfeeding? If you have Coronavirus 2019 and are breastfeeding your baby, the baby probably has Coronavirus too. Continue to breastfeed the baby, because the breastmilk may protect the baby. Wash your hands well and wear a mask while you breastfeed.

How is Coronavirus 2019 diagnosed? If your doctor thinks you may have Coronavirus 2019, the doctor will order a screening test.

The doctor or lab technician will probably:
• Use a cotton swab to take a sample from your nose or the back of your throat, and take a sample of your saliva.

What’s next? The sample will be sent to a testing facility to learn whether you have Coronavirus 2019 or the flu, or something else.

How are patients treated? Doctors treat the symptoms of this disease, and try to make patients more comfortable. Eventually most people become healthy again. Usually the symptoms go way, just as they do with the flu.

Who can get the Coronavirus? Anyone can get Coronavirus 2019, but most often the person is an adult or a person with a serious health condition.

Babies and children Babies and childre who get sick from the Coronavirus usually have a mild case. But it’s important to be careful with your babies and children. Keep their hands clean and only touch their faces if you have to.

Children Children who get sick from the Coronavirus usually have a mild case.

Pregnant women If a pregnant woman becomes sick with this Coronavirus, she may become sicker than a woman who is not pregnant.

Adults Most of the people who have become sick from this Coronavirus are adults.

Older adults Older adults are at greater risk from this disease than younger people.

People with chronic diseases If a person already has health issues such as respiratory illness, heart disease, liver disease, or diabetes, this person can become much sicker than others.