Checkups for your toddler


Regular checkups It’s important for your toddler to get regular checkups.

You can help keep your toddler healthy by taking him to the doctor regularly. These visits are called “well-baby visits” or “well-child visits” because your toddler is healthy, not sick.

Taking your toddler to the doctor You need to take him to the doctor when he is:
• 12 months old
• 15 months old
• 18 months old
• 24 months old
• 30 months old

What will happen? Each time you take your toddler for a well-child check up,
• the doctor or nurse will ask you questions about how he’s doing.
• the doctor or nurse will measure and weigh your toddler.
• the doctor will listen to his heart and his lungs.
• the doctor will tell you what to expect as your toddler grows older.
• the doctor will give you suggestions about ways to keep him healthy.

Shots Shots are important! The doctor or nurse will give your toddler shots at most well-child visits. Your toddler will receive at least 1 shot and sometimes as many as 4 shots at each well-child visit when he is 12, 15 and 18 months old. Read more about shots here>>

Questions Your doctor will ask you lots of questions about your toddler. It’s important to be honest with your doctor.

You and your doctor Become a partner with your doctor!
• Keep all of your appointments. Every doctor’s appointment is important!
• Think about questions to ask your doctor and write them down before your visits.

Listen to your doctor! It’s important to follow your doctor’s advice.

If your toddler is sick If you think your toddler is sick, phone his doctor right away. If you don’t have a doctor, take him to Urgent Care or the ER. Don’t wait for his checkup appointment.

Is your toddler on WIC? If your toddler is a WIC participant, you can talk to your WIC educator about your toddler’s checkups. She will answer any questions you may have.

You will receive pamphlets and flyers about toddlers during your WIC visits. These will help you learn more about nutrition, how toddlers behave and how they grow.

If your toddler has a health problem, your WIC educator may refer you to a WIC nutritionist.

Eligible? Is your toddler eligible for WIC? Read about eligibility here>>