Food checks

Food checks for WIC participants At our WIC centers we give food checks to:
• pregnant women
• women breastfeeding a baby less than 1 year of age
• women who have just had a baby in the past 6 months
• babies and children under 5 years old
• women who have recently miscarried

Checks, not food WIC parents receive special checks for buying extra healthy food.

Checks for extra food WIC helps you buy more of the healthy foods you need. You can use these valuable food checks to pay for extra healthy food, such as milk, eggs, cereal, baby food, fruits and vegetables.

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What is a food check? It shows the name of each food you can buy. Most checks do not show a dollar amount. Only the checks for fruits and vegetables show a dollar amount.

Markets Most markets accept WIC food checks. Many of the markets that accept them are large chain stores. Others are small neighborhood markets.

For each WIC participant Each WIC participant receives his or her own checks. For example, if a family includes a baby girl and a three-year-old boy, the parent receives checks for the baby girl and checks for the boy.

Which foods? A pregnant woman and an infant eat different types of food, for example. That’s why we have special food checks for each participant. Which foods can you buy? Read more here>>

Choosing foods When you meet with a WIC educator, you can talk together about choosing healthy food for you and healthy food for your children.

When can you receive food checks? WIC food checks are given at each scheduled visit as long as you or your child is eligible.

Food checks plus CalFresh (Food Stamps) If you are eligible for both, you can receive WIC food checks and CalFresh (Food Stamps).

How to use food checks You will learn how to do this. Read about how to use your food checks here>>

Sample food check Want to see a sample check? Click here>>

Questions? If you have questions about food checks, phone (310) 661-3080.