WIC and CalFresh—eligible for both?

Want more food on your table? You want more food to feed your family. How can you get it?

Eligible for both WIC and CalFresh? You may be eligible for both!

Your income People must have low incomes to be eligible for both WIC and Calfresh. The income requirements may not be exactly the same.

WIC provides:
• CA WIC Cards (EBT cards) to be used at area markets
• Referrals
• Nutrition, breastfeeding and parenting education and support from trained counselors.

You can choose
• in-person appointments
• or phone appointments
• or online education
• or video appointments

Eligible for WIC? People who may be eligible for WIC are:
• Pregnant parents
• Parents who recently had a miscarriage
• Parent who just had a baby
• Parents breastfeeding a baby up to 6 months old
• Babies
• Children up to age 5

More about eligibility Read more about eligibility here.

Apply for WIC! Start today! Just click on this link.
Or phone (310) 661-3080

CalFresh provides:
• EBT cards to be used at area markets and some restaurants

Food Stamps, SNAP and CalFresh SNAP used to be called Food Stamps. California’s version of SNAP is CalFresh.

Eligibility for CalFresh You may be eligible for CalFresh.
Read CalFresh eligibility-and-issuance-requirements here.

A few of the eligibility requirements for CalFresh People who may be eligible for CalFresh are:
• People of all ages, including children, people with disabilities and seniors.

Learn more about eligibility for CalFresh
• Call the CalFresh Customer Service Center at
(866) 613-3777
• Or apply online at GetCalFresh.org
• Or apply online at dpss.lacounty.gov
• Or come into your nearest CalFresh district office to apply in person