Apply for WIC!

You can apply for WIC as soon as today!

Eligible for WIC? Are you interested in WIC but not sure you’re eligible? Find out!
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Two ways to apply for WIC
• Call WIC at (310) 661-3080.
or begin to apply online. Click here>>

By phone–beginning to apply for WIC
• A member of our WIC staff will ask you a few simple questions, such as where you live and your income.
• She will ask if you are pregnant or have a baby or a child up to 5 years old.
• She will give you a date and time for an appointment that’s convenient for you.

Applying for WIC
• Make a phone appointment to apply. Call (310) 661-3080.

You may need:
• Proof of income.
• If you don’t have proof of income, it may be okay. A staff member will talk with you.
• Something that shows the address where you live. This can be any mail that includes your address.

If you don’t have all the paperwork WIC needs
• We can enroll you for 30 days. After that, you must supply the paperwork WIC requires.

During your phone appointment
• Together you and the WIC educator will determine if you are eligible.
• If you are eligible, the WIC educator will enroll you or your child.
• You can ask questions and tell her or him your concerns.
• You will learn about the CA WIC Card.