WIC celebrates breastfeeding during World Breastfeeding Week!

World Breastfeeding Week Breastfeeding women throughout the world know the power, the benefits. and the joy of breastfeeding. Each year we celebrate breastfeeding during the first week of August.

How can you celebrate?

• Do any of the women in your life breastfeed? Tell them how pleased you are that they breastfeed. Tell others you know how wonderful it is that she or they breastfeed, and why. Spread the word!

• How about the men in your life? Are their partners breastfeeding? How do the dads feel about their partners breastfeeding? You may be able to suggest ways they can become more involved and support the mom (if they don’t already.)

Are you the dad of a breastfed baby? You’re very important in the life of your baby. And that’s something to celebrate!

• While your partner is breastfeeding, support her and help her succeed. Encourage and praise her.

• Do household chores so she can rest. Hold and love your baby when mommy isn’t breastfeeding. Learn how babies tell you when they’re hungry.

• Learn more about the importance of breastfeeding and tell others about it.

At WIC At WIC we empower women to breastfeed, and support dads too.

• We ask moms and dads how they feel about breastfeeding.

• We explain the benefits of breastfeeding.

• We teach pregnant women and their partners how to breastfeed.

• We ask moms who have recently given birth and their partners how breastfeeding is going and answer any questions.

• Our WIC educators are available to moms and dads during phone appointments and any other time they need support.

• We have a breastfeeding hotline for women who need immediate help.

• We have skilled breastfeeding experts available to help in special cases.

Are you a WIC parent?

• If you’re pregnant, talk about your needs and concerns with your WIC educator at your next phone appointment. There’s a lot to learn!

• If you’re pregnant and have high blood pressure or diabetes or another medical condition, you will be referred to a WIC nutritionist or dietitian.

• If you’ve already given birth, continue talking with your WIC educator about your experience. Your educator may have some tips. Why does your baby cry? Does that have anything to do with breastfeeding? What’s the safest way to breastfeed?

• If you have breastfeeding questions or concerns before your next scheduled WIC visit, call our Breastfeeding Helpline at (323) 905-1248.

• If you have breastfeeding problems, we usually can help you quickly and easily.

• If your breastfeeding educator or breastfeeding peer counselor thinks a specialist would be helpful, she will refer you to one of our certified lactation consultants.

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