More WIC food choices—for you!

Is it difficult finding WIC foods? . During the COVID-19 crisis, you may have a more difficult time finding certain WIC foods than you usually do.

WIC is here for you! . We have made important changes.

More choices. WIC has added new foods. You are now able to buy the types of food that WIC usually helps you purchase, in a different size or flavor or brand. Or the organic type. But only if normal WIC foods are not available.

When a WIC food is not available Read WIC’s list to learn which foods you can substitute. Click here for WIC’s list and helpful suggestions. >>

Substituting one food for another . You may be able to buy one food rather than another, if the market doesn’t have the food you would normally buy.

Before you decide to substitute . You may not need to choose another food. Before you look for other foods, take these steps:
• Find your Food Balance and look for the WIC foods.
• Check your Shopping Guide or use your WIC app.
• Always buy these WIC foods if they’re available.

Can you buy a similar food? Here’s one way to find out . Do you have a CA WIC Card, and have you downloaded the WIC app? If you answered yes, you can use your WIC app. The WIC app has a bar code scanner.

WIC app’s bar code scanner. Try using your scanner at the market. It may be very helpful.

If you need to substitute . When you’re at the market and wonder whether you can buy a similar item, try this:
• Scan a similar item in a different size
• Scan a similar item in a different flavor
• Scan a similar item in a different brand
• Scan a similar item that’s organic

Helpful suggestions from WIC
These suggestions may help. Click here! >>

WIC Card . If you are a WIC participant, but don’t have a WIC Card, phone (310) 661-3080

More changes to WIC There are more changes to WIC.
Click here to learn about them.>>