Changes at WIC


We’re here for you! WIC is here to help, just as we’ve always been.

Keeping you safe In order to keep you, your family and our staff safe, we will assist you and your family differently than we did in the past.

WIC services over the phone We are providing WIC services over the phone right now. We will let you know when this changes.

Phoning WIC Click here to learn more about phoning WIC.

Our phone number Our phone number is (310) 661-3080

If you want to apply for WIC food benefits Are you eligible for WIC? Click here to call (310) 661-3080 today! A WIC staff member will be happy to help you.

Please be patient with us Right now you may have to wait longer on the phone than you normally would. Please be patient with us.

If you’re already a WIC participant We’ve made many changes to the ways we do things.

Your WIC Card–lost or stolen? If your WIC Card was lost or stolen, call WIC to ask for a replacement. Click here to phone us at (310) 661-3080 We will work with you to get a new card.

We will contact you If you are a participant, we will call you:
• so we can answer any questions you may have
• so we can talk about food benefits
• so we can talk about your next appointment

Food benefits Your WIC food benefits may have been added to your WIC Card automatically. New benefits were added to some cards April 1st. WIC staff will be calling you about your food benefits.

What’s your food balance? You can learn your food balance in several ways. Use your WIC Card app. Or ask customer service at the market. Or phone 1-844-469-3264.

Breastfeeding Help Line If you have a breastfeeding concern, phone our help line at (323) 905-1248.

Breast pumps Are you a WIC participant and need a breast pump? Call WIC at (310) 661-3080. A staff member will call you back.

Learning to use a breast pump Your breastfeeding peer counselor will email you links to videos. These will help you learn to use your breast pump. She will also tell you the way we will practice social distancing when you come to pick up a breast pump.

Online classes If you are a WIC participant, you can complete your nutrition education online! Online classes can help you keep your family healthy. You will find interesting and important information about pregnancy, nutrition, babies and young children.

New information We may update this page with new information. Please return here to learn about other changes.