Video appointments

A new kind of appointment You can use a video call for your appointment. It’s an exciting new way to talk with WIC!

Do you have a choice? Yes, you absolutely do have a choice. You may either:
• Use video calling during your appointment
• Or speak with WIC by phone, as you’ve done before.

Why video calls?
• You may enjoy seeing the person you’re talking to.
• You may feel almost as though you’re in your WIC center, and feel safe at the same time.

Speaking face-to-face If you decide to use video calling, you can speak with a:
• WIC counselor
• WIC nutritionist
• WIC breastfeeding educator or specialist

It’s easy! You won’t need to download anything or register.

It’s fun! If you enjoy using your device for many different things, video calling may be fun!

They’re secure! Don’t worry. Your video appointments will be secure.

When will video calling begin? It will begin Monday, October 4th.

How do I get started? Here’s everything you need to know.
Read this short handout
Or watch this video

Questions? If you have any questions, call (310) 661-3080.