Public Charge–Know the facts!

Public Charge rules Many people are worried about the Public Charge rules. The rules have not changed. But the rules may change in the future.

Important to know the facts Public Charge is complicated. It’s important to know the facts. Does Public Charge affect you, your family and others? Maybe. Maybe not.

Public Charge rules do not apply to WIC families and to people applying for WIC. Learn more about Public Charge by scrolling down to the resources listed below.

WIC families Public Charge does not affect WIC families right now. Public Charge will not affect WIC families in the future.

Applying for WIC Public Charge has no effect on families who want to apply for WIC benefits. Do not be afraid to apply for WIC!

Your personal information WIC does not share any of your personal information with the Federal government, including immigration officials.

Other things to know

• If you get WIC, it will NOT hurt your chances of getting a green card.

• You will NOT lose your green card because you are getting WIC.

• Applying for WIC will NOT affect your immigration status or your family’s immigration status.

• You will NOT be denied U.S. citizenship because you get WIC benefits.

• You will not become a public charge because you are getting WIC.

More questions about WIC? If you have more questions about WIC and Public Charge, click here>>


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