Public Charge ruling and WIC

Changes to Public Charge The U.S. Supreme Court voted recently that the United States government could move forward with changes to Public Charge.

Worried? Are you worried about yourself and your family because of the changes to Public Charge? Many people are.

Making decisions When you know the facts about the Public Charge ruling, it will be easier to make decisions.

Let’s start with WIC Don’t worry about being on WIC! The government does not consider WIC when it makes decisions about anyone.

Continuing on WIC You may be afraid of continuing on WIC because of Public Charge. If you’re on WIC, you can stay on WIC.

Enrolling in WIC You may be worried about enrolling in WIC because of Public Charge.But enrolling in WIC won’t cause any problems for you.

Children born in the United States Any child born here can continue in all public programs, such as:
• Medi-Cal
• SNAP (Food Stamps)
• Public healthcare

Undocumented? Are you undocumented and not applying for a green card? Are you applying for a green card? Do you have a green card? Are you a US citizen? Your status doesn’t matter to WIC. You can receive every benefit that WIC offers.

Immigrants safe on WIC! When immigration officials decide whether a person is a public charge, WIC participation doesn’t matter at all.

Your personal information All personal information, including your address and contact information, is private. WIC does not share any of this information with immigration officials.

Does WIC collect immigration status information? No, WIC does not ask about a person’s immigration or citizenship status.

Does WIC share your information? No! WIC does not share information with government officials, including immigration officials.

Registered to vote? When a WIC staff member asks whether you are registered to vote, you do not need to answer the question if you don’t want to.

WIC and your family members Your participation in WIC does not affect any family members who are trying to change their immigration status

Legal services for immigrants Interested in locating legal services for immigrants? Click here, then scroll down to find organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area.

An attorney You do not need an attorney to make decisions about WIC. If you have an attorney already, you have probably told your attorney that you’re using WIC or planning to enroll.

Your attorney Is your lawyer telling you to stop participating in WIC? If so, your lawyer is being very careful. But the law says that participating in WIC is not a problem.

Answering your attorney’s questions about your WIC participation
• If you are asked whether you participate in WIC, answer honestly.
• If you are asked for documentation of your participation in WIC, ask your attorney why it’s necessary to provide documentation.
• And ask how information about your WIC participation will be used.

Talk to WIC staff Staff who work at WIC are very knowledgeable about WIC and Public Charge. If you have questions, talk to WIC staff for more information.

If you decide to stop participating in WIC If you stop participating in WIC, you will not need to return unused food benefits, your WIC Card, breast pumps or other WIC benefits. If you have questions about this, phone WIC at (310) 661-3080.

Your WIC records We will keep records of your past participation in WIC. But WIC must maintain your privacy.

No sharing of information WIC will not share any of your information with ICE, USCIS, Homeland Security other immigration officials, or other government officials.

Questions? If you have questions, speak to a staff member at your WIC center, or phone (310) 661-3080. This is the number to reach our central telephone office.