Is online education for you?

Healthy foods for your family! At WIC, we want to make sure you have information about nutritious foods, and ways to keep your family healthy.

Because of Covid-19 We are now closed to the public. But we continue to serve WIC families, just as we always have. We now provide WIC services by phone and online.

When we are able to open our doors again, we will let you know.

Now We now offer two types of parent sessions: one-on-one phone discussions with a WIC educator, and online education. Each is a way to learn about nutrition. Each is valuable.

Which type of parent session? You get to choose.

During your phone appointment You and your WIC educator will talk together about healthy eating and keeping your family healthy. What interests you most right now? Do you have any concerns? For example, you may want to learn more about anemia, or about your pregnancy. Healthy eating is important in each case.

Online or one-on-one? She will ask whether you prefer to learn about these topics online. Or to continue discussing these topics with her.

Learning about healthy foods online If you choose online education, the two of you will discuss ways of learning more online. She will tell you about wichealth,org.

She will guide you, and together you will talk about the topics and lessons that may be most valuable to you.

Continuing your one-on-one discussion If you prefer one-on-one discussions, the two of you will continue discussing what’s most important to you. This is also a valuable way to learn.

The basics Here are the basics of online education.

Your first step The first step is to register. You will use a website called Your WIC educator will walk you through the registration process.

It’s up to you! You may want to select the topic you and your WIC educator discussed. Or you may want to choose a different topic. You decide.

Online topics:
Welcome to WIC
• Healthy Families
• New and Expecting Parents
• Guide to Newborns for Expecting Parents
• Breastfeeding
• Infants
• Children Ages 1-5

Topics and lessons What’s the difference? Every topic contains lessons. Some topics contain 1 lesson only. Other topics contain more. Some topics contain as many as 12 lessons.

For example Here’s a list of the lessons in New and Expecting Parents:
· In the Hospital–the First 48 hours

· Understanding Your Baby’s Sleep

· Understanding Your Baby’s Cues

· Preparing for a Healthy Pregnancy

· A Recipe for a Healthy Pregnancy

· Preparing to Meet Your Newborn

Valuable and fun! All topics and lessons valuable. They contain basic information, articles, and videos. And you may think they’re fun too!

Tests? No, you will not be tested!

When you complete a lesson You will receive an online certificate of completion after you complete a lesson.

Please phone our call center at (310) 661-3080. Explain to the operator that you have completed a lesson. This will be helpful.

Continue to check wichealth.orgYou may learn that there are new topics, new lessons, and other changes.

Things may change We will always offer nutrition and parenting education. If there are any changes to the ways we offer nutrition education, we will share this new information with you.