New WIC parent sessions


Is your child 12 months old or older? Are you a WIC parent, partner of the parent, guardian or caretaker of a WIC child? Join us at our parent sessions! You will have a wonderful chance to learn more about how to raise a healthy child. And you will be able to talk to other WIC families about your experiences and theirs.

Feel free to bring along a relative or friend.

New parent sessions in 2017 WIC educators and parents are discussing:
Healthy Meals–Happy Mealtimes
Not My Kids
Rethink Your Drink
Be Better

January, February, March
Healthy Meals, Happy Mealtimes
We’ll talk about turning stressful mealtimes into happy ones. Do you ever worry your child isn’t eating enough? What does it mean to trust your child’s appetite? And why is this important?

April, May, June
Not My Kids
We’ll talk about ways to keep your children from developing diabetes. Did you know that childhood obesity can lead to diabetes? What do you already do to keep your family healthy?

July, August, September
Rethink Your Drink
We’ll talk about the problems with drinks that have added sugar. How can you tell if a drink or food has added sugar?

October, November, December
Be Better
We’ll talk about small changes that can lead to better health for you and your family. How can you and your family be active inside your home? Which is the best drink for you and your family?

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