Is online education for you?

We’re here for you! We’re your partner along your journey from pregnancy until your child’s 5th birthday.

Your choice There are two types of parent sessions. Which do you prefer?
• On-on-one parent sessions with a WIC nutrition counselor over the phone
• Or online nutrition education

Each type of parent session You will learn valuable and interesting information no matter which way you choose to learn.

What happens next? Your WIC nutrition counselor will talk with you about your choices during your next phone appointment. Do you prefer one-on-one parent sessions over the phone? Do you prefer online education?

Keeping your family healthy You and your WIC nutrition counselor will talk about healthy eating and keeping your family healthy. What interests you most right now? Do you have any concerns?

Learning online If you choose online nutrition education, your counselor will tell you about wichealth,org. You will use this website for your online nutrition education.

Guiding you Your counselor will guide you during this call. She or he will talk with you about the online lesson that may be most valuable to you.

Continuing your one-on-one discussions If you prefer one-on-one discussions, the two of you will continue talking about what’s most important to you.

Have you chosen online nutrition education? If you have, the first step is to register. After you have registered, you will see the topics and lessons available to you.

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Valuable and fun! All topics and lessons are valuable. They contain basic information, articles, and videos. You may think they’re fun!

Tests? No, you will not be tested!

When you complete a lesson
• Your online certificate of completion will be sent to WIC.
• Phone our call center at (310) 661-3080. Explain to the operator that you have completed a lesson.

Continue to check There may be new topics, new lessons, and other changes.

Things may change We will always offer nutrition and parenting education. If there are any changes to the ways we offer WIC education, we will let you know.