Flu shots for babies, children, and adults–as soon as possible!

2018–an especially dangerous time for your family! Hundreds of people, more than usual, have gotten the flu this year. People will continue getting the flu. They can pass along their flu germs to you or your children! And if you get the flu, you can infect others!

As soon as possible! Have you and your family received your flu shots? If not, get them as soon as possible.

County flu clinics! The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health offers flu clinics each year. These clinics are providing free flu shots through the month of May while they still have enough vaccine.

Among the County flu clinics are:

MLK Jr. Center for Public Health, 323-568-8100

Torrance Public Health Center, 310-354-2300

Whittier Public Health Center, 562-464-5350

Curtis-Tucker Public Health Center, 310-419-5325

Central Public Health Center (Tuesdays and Thursdays), (213) 240-8204

Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids will offer flu shots at certain South Los Angeles Health Projects WIC centers through May or possibly even through June while they still have enough vaccine. 1-800-233-2771

Phone ahead! It’s a good idea to phone ahead before going to a clinic, center, or COACH for Kids mobile van.

Free flu shots for children 6 months old up to age 18 years If your child is 6 months old up to age 18, he or she can receive a free flu shot from Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids. Read about Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids here>>

May and June calendars. Free shots for infants, children and youth from Cedars-Sinai COACH for Kids Your child can receive a free flu shot in a number of locations. Click here to see the COACH for Kids May calendar, and the COACH for Kids June calendar. Scroll down to read these calendars in Spanish. Learn where children can receive free shots!

Especially dangerous! It’s especially dangerous for these people to get the flu:
• a pregnant woman
• a new baby
• an older person
• a person with diabetes
• a person with heart problems
• a person who is already sick

Flu shots–where? You and your children can receive free flu shots at public health clinics, or pay for flu shots at your doctor’s office or at a pharmacy. .

Who needs a flu shot? All infants 6 months old and older, children and adults need a flu shot every year.

If you are pregnant during flu season, your flu shot is even more important.

Even young people can get the flu! Even healthy people can get the flu!

They’re safe! Flu shots are safe. They work well to keep you healthy.

Do flu shots really work? Flu shots are the best way to protect against getting the flu. Sometimes people still get the flu after they are vaccinated. But if you are vaccinated and get the flu, you will not be as sick as you would be without the shot.

Places you’re more likely to get the flu Any time many people are visiting together indoors, such as during a party in someone’s home, you are more likely to get the flu. The others could be passing along their flu germs. Shopping at the mall in crowded stores also increases your risk of getting the flu.

Passing along the flu to others If you get the flu, you may not feel sick for the first day or two. You could pass the flu to others and not even know it.

Learn more! Learn more about the flu. Click here>>