Free flu shots for your family


Flu season is here! Flu season lasts from September until April.

Dangerous for everyone! The flu is more serious than you may think.

Scroll down. Scroll down to see a list of free flu clinics. These flu clinics give free flu shots to
• babies 6 months old and older
• children
• adults

Get a flu shot!
• all children 6 months old and older need flu shots.
• all adults need flu shots.
• all pregnant women need flu shots.

Children Young people can get the flu!

Healthy people Healthy people can get the flu!

Even more dangerous! Don’t pass along the flu to anyone, especially
• a new baby
• a pregnant woman
• an old or weak person
• a person with diabetes
• a person with a heart problem

Flu symptoms:
• fever
• feeling feverish
• chills
• cough
• sore throat
• runny or stuffy nose
• muscle aches or body aches
• headaches
• tiredness
• vomiting
• diarrhea

Complications A person with the flu can also suffer from:
• pneumonia
• bronchitis
• chronic medical conditions that get worse
• premature labor
• low-birth-weight baby
• baby who dies before it is born

Protect yourself, your family, and your friends.
• Get a flu shot!
• Consider eating outdoors when you go to a restaurant.
• Wear a mask indoors in public places, such as restaurants, markets and malls.
• Make sure you get a flu shot before you travel.

Stay safe in your own home. These will keep everyone in your home safer:
• Keep windows open when you can.
• Use a fan.

Stay safe during Thanksgiving.
• Get vaccinated.
• Celebrate outside if possible.
• Try to stay away from crowded places.
• Wear a mask if you will be inside a restaurant.
• Try to stay away from places that are poorly ventilated.

Flu shots are safe! Flu shots keep you healthy.

At WIC centers COACH for Kids will be parked outside each of these WIC centers:

Wednesday, December 1st
Figueroa WIC Center
4101 Figueroa St. (Figueroa/41st St.)
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Monday, December 6th
Florence WIC Center
501 E. Florence Ave. (Florence/Avalon)
Los Angeles, CA 90003

Wednesday, December 8th
Figueroa WIC Center
4101 Figueroa St. (Figueroa/41st St.)
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Tuesday, December 14th
Manchester WIC Center
250 E. Manchester Ave. (Manchester/San Pedro)
Los Angeles, CA 90003

Questions and appointments If you have questions for a COACH for Kids nurse, or want to make an appointment, please phone COACH for Kids at 1-888-926-2249.

WIC parents and the flu At WIC, we discuss the flu shot with pregnant women and parents.

Are you eligible for WIC? Learn more about eligibility here or phone (310) 661-3080.