More WIC-approved formulas!


Formula shortage If you are a WIC participant and feed your baby formula, you’re probably having a difficult time finding WIC-approved formula.

There has been a formula shortage since the middle of May.

Important changes WIC is helping. Now when your family goes to the store, you will have an easier time finding a formula that you can get with your California WIC Card. This is because there are now more choices. California WIC has added more than 100 different baby formula options. This is temporary.

Temporary WIC has temporarily approved many formulas that weren’t approved before.

Look at the list below You will see categories of WIC-approved formula. If one matches your WIC formula benefit, click on the title to learn which new formulas choices there are. You can use your WIC Card to buy the formula you want, as long as you are eligible for it.

  1. Powder Formulas
  2. 12.5 oz Enfamil Infant Powder Formula
  3. 12.4 oz Gentlease Powder Formula
  4. 12.4 oz Enfamil Reguline Powder Formula
  5. 12.9 oz Enfamil A.R. Powder Formula
  6. 12.9 oz Enfamil ProSobee Powder Formula
  7. 13 oz Enfamil Infant Concentrate Formula
  8. 13 oz Enfamil ProSobee Concentrate Formula
  9. Ready to Feed Formula
  10. Ready to Feed Soy Formula

Which formula benefit? You probably know what your WIC formula benefit is. But if you do not, call (310) 661-3080.

Other questions about benefits If you have any other questions about your CA WIC benefits, call (310) 661-3080.

How to find WIC-approved infant formulas Visit the California WIC website to learn how to find WIC-approved formulas.

Can’t find the formula you need? If you’ve looked for the formula you need, but can’t find it, click here for more information.

When there isn’t a shortage anymore The formula shortage is a special situation. When there isn’t a shortage anymore, WIC will stop offering some of these formulas.