Reminder–flu shots!


When? Flu season lasts from September until about April.

Get your flu shot as soon as possible!

Safe! Flu shots are safe. They work well to keep you healthy.

Who? All children and adults need flu shots. If you are pregnant during flu season, your flu shot is even more important.

Even young people can get the flu! Even healthy people can get the flu!

And if you get the flu, you can pass it on to others.

Dangerous! It’s especially dangerous for these people to get the flu: a pregnant woman, a new baby, an older person, or a person with diabetes or heart problems. Let’s protect them too!

Where? You can receive a flu shot at your doctor’s office or at a pharmacy.

Free flu shots for children and youth If your child is 2 months old up to age 18, he or she can receive a free flu shot from COACH for Kids. Read more here>>

Flu shots at LA County clinics Your infant or child can receive a free or low-cost flu shot at an LA County clinic near you. Adults can sometimes receive shots there too.

Read more about these clinics here>>

See the list of clinics. Click here>>

Learn more! Learn more about the flu. Click here>>