Family Health Fair in Compton!

A great day at the Family Health Fair in Compton! On a bright, sunny day–Saturday, August 12, 2017–more than 1,100 adults and children of all ages flocked to the health fair, held in the Compton Towne Center, for free health screenings and much more. All services were free.

Among the many participants Forty-five participating organizations helped make this a spectacular day!

Compton WIC Center The health fair was located next to our WIC Center, which was open for business. WIC parents received services, and other parents enrolled.

Free immunizations Twenty-three young babies and children up to the age of 18 received a total of 80 shots.

Free health screenings Hundreds of health fair goers took advantage of the many screenings that were available:
• Cholesterol screenings
• Diabetes screenings
• Blood pressure checks
• Dental screenings
• Vision screenings
• Anemia screenings

Fun health education Children saw that learning about health, including dental health, can be fun.

Joined WIC! Parents came to the WIC booth to learn about WIC and find out if they were eligible. They learned that if they are pregnant or have an infant or a child up to age 5, they may be eligible. Some applied and enrolled that day!

Special guest Congresswoman Nanette Diaz Barragán, of District 44, spoke to the crowd about her passion for WIC and presented a proclamation to Heidi Kent, executive director of South Los Angeles Health Projects.

Another special guest Compton City Councilperson Tana McCoy came to represent the city, speak to the crowd, and visit with constituents.

Free backpacks were popular! More than 760 students, who had completed a health fair passport, received a free backpack.

Enrollment in free programs Representatives of CalFresh and Medi-Cal were onsite to talk about their programs. Members of the public learned whether they were eligible, and some enrolled.

Enrollment in a Compton school Staff of the Compton Unified School District (CUSD) were on hand to help parents enroll their children in school.

Getting ready for school! At the health fair, parents could help their children get ready for school in 3 ways. They could enroll their children in school, get them the shots they needed, and sign them up for Medi-Cal if they didn’t have health insurance yet.

Compton Library Do you know all the services the Compton Library provides? A librarian described the services the Compton Library provides for school aged children, such as homework help, parent/child workshops, and other library programs. Some of the children applied for a library card.

Fun kids’ activities! At the kids activities booth lots of fun and learning were going on! Children learned about plants, and planted seeds in a cup. They learned about how germs can be passed along to others by playing the “Germ Game.” And they played with hoola hoops!

Free mentoring services for high school and college students Representatives from the organization MiOra were on hand to explain their mentoring program. MiOra provides mentors for students who are thinking of going to college or trying to decide what career interests them. The focus is on careers in the fields of healthcare, and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM.).

Health fair organizers The Family Health Fair was organized by South Los Angeles Health Projects, WIC, and Immunize LA Families Coalition.