Celebrating breastfeeding throughout America

Celebrating Breastfeeding through America Aug. 2021

National Breastfeeding Month! Throughout the United States, people will be celebrating breastfeeding during National Breastfeeding Month, which began August 1st.

Theme This year’s theme is Every Step of the Way.

You can empower others! How can you empower moms to breastfeed? How can you encourage others to be supportive? It depends on who you are.

Have you breastfed in the past? Do you breastfeed now? Tell everyone you know what a special experience breastfeeding is. Describe what breastfeeding is like. Explain the reasons it’s important to you and your baby.

Does your daughter or daughter-in-law or a friend breastfeed? Tell others you know how wonderful it is that she breastfeeds, and why. Spread the word!

How about your daughter’s partner? How does the dad feel about his partner breastfeeding? You may be able to suggest ways he can become more involved and support the mom (if he doesn’t already.)

Are you the dad? If you’re the dad, you’re very important in the life of your baby! Right now, while your partner is breastfeeding, you can support her and help her succeed. You can encourage and praise her. You can do household chores so she can rest.

You can hold and love your baby when mommy isn’t breastfeeding. Learn how babies tell you when they’re hungry. Learn more about the importance of breastfeeding and tell others about it.

WIC—empowering moms to breastfeed At WIC we empower women to breastfeed, and we support the dads too. Read here about eligibility for WIC>>