Black breastfeeding support circle Thursday, April 15!

This coming Thursday Join us Thursday, April 15, at 2:30pm.

Register here! To participate in Thursday’s Zoom discussion, register here:

For you! There’s so much more to learn about breastfeeding. Receiving the support of other Black moms and breastfeeding experts means a lot to our moms, as it will to you.

Curious? Worried? Having difficulties? Thankful? Talk with other Black breastfeeding moms. Share your experiences. Ask questions.

What? When? Where? CinnaMoms, a breastfeeding support circle for Black mothers, welcomes moms from throughout Los Angeles County for Zoom discussions held monthly, usually twice a month. And you’re invited!

Usually a single breastfeeding expert leads the support circle. This time there will be 10! You will find their photos when you click on .

Celebrating our Health in a Joyous Way! The theme for April is “Celebrating our Health in a Joyous Way!” Breastfeeding can bring such joy to moms.

Honoring Black Maternal Health Week We honor and celebrate Black Maternal Health during this special week. Breastfeeding is healthy for moms as well as infants.

Future support circle sessions CinnaMoms usually meets the first and third Thursdays of each month. The next support circle will be held Thursday, June 3. The theme will be “Sleep—or lack thereof.”

CinnaMoms Before the pandemic, PHFE WIC organized CinnaMoms as a breastfeeding support circle for Black WIC participants who were receiving WIC benefits from their agency.

Once the pandemic struck, CinnaMoms became a virtual support group, and PHFE WIC opened it up to several WIC agencies, including South Los Angeles Health Projects/WIC.

CinnaMoms is now open to all Black breastfeeding moms, whether or not they participate in WIC.

Questions? For more information, visit or email .