Dangerous avocados recalled!

Dangerous avocados! The company Henry Avocado has recalled thousands of avocados recently. These are whole avocados, and the brand name is Bravocado.

Listeria–dangerous! When Bravocado avocados were tested, some had listeria. This is a dangerous germ.

Organic or not? The avocados from Henry Avocado are labeled differently depending on whether they are organic.

Not organic? If your avocados are not organic, look to see if the label says Bravocado.

Organic? If your avocados have stickers that say “organic,” take them to the cashier at the check-out stand. The cashier can read the barcode to see whether the brand is Bravocado.

Your choice! If you bought Bravocado brand avocados recently, you can throw away these avocados or return them to the store.

Pregnant women A listeria infection is especially dangerous for pregnant women and their babies. A woman can miscarry her baby, or the baby can be stillborn. The baby can be premature. A newborn baby can die from this infection.

Symptoms in pregnant women The symptoms in a pregnant woman are not the same as the symptoms in other people. A pregnant woman feels like she has the flu.

Her symptoms are:
• fever
• tired and sore muscles

Older people, sick people Elderly and sick people are also in great danger from listeria.

People who are not pregnant Everyone is different. Some people have mild symptoms. Other people have worse symptoms.

Symptoms People with a listeria infection can suffer from:
• fever
• sore muscles
• headache
• stiff neck
• confusion
• loss of balance
• convulsions

When? People who eat a food that contains listeria can begin to feel symptoms at different times:
• the same day
• or 1-4 weeks later
• or even 70 days later

How about other avocados? If the brand is not Bravocado, it may be safe to eat those avocados. You can phone the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USDA) at 760-745-6632, extension 132 and ask for advice.

Nutritious! Avocados are very nutritious. They contain 20 vitamins and minerals. Avocados contain a type of fat that’s good for your heart (monounsaturated fat.) And avocados have no sodium, sugar, or cholesterol.

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