Mystery illness in children

Mystery illness There’s a dangerous mystery illness going around. It’s called AFM for short. The real name is acute flaccid myelitis.

AFM AFM is similar to polio. Some patients become paralyzed.

Mostly children Most of the people who are sick are 18 years old or younger. The average age is 4 years old.

Symptoms of AFM Parents, be aware of these symptoms:
• a high fever
• respiratory problems
• weakness in the arms
• weakness in the legs
• floppy head

If you do notice If you see that your child has these symptoms, especially muscle weakness, contact your doctor or go to an emergency room right away.

Scientists and doctors don’t know Scientists are studying this virus. But so far, no one knows what is causing it.

Don’t panic! Yes, this is frightening. But very few infants and children will actually come down with the disease, compared to the number of children in this country.

Advice The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) wants to stop the spread of this illness. The CDC recommends that children and adults
• wash their hands well
• wash their hands more often than usual
• stay up-to-date with shots
• use mosquito repellent to avoid bites

At WIC We counsel WIC parents about their children’s immunizations and tell them how they can stay up-to-date.

Referrals We give referrals to nearby clinics and hospitals when parents need them.