What parents expect Most parents expect their babies to be able to do certain things at certain ages. When babies aren’t doing what parents expect, sometimes the parents are concerned.

Developmental milestones Developmental milestones are what most babies do at a certain age. Read more about developmental milestones here>>

Some babies Some babies grow and change more slowly than we expect. Often these babies are fine.

If you’re concerned You may be concerned about your baby because he isn’t doing new things as soon as you expected.
• If your baby is not meeting the milestones for his age, it would be best to talk with your baby’s doctor.
• If you are concerned about any of your baby’s behavior or development, talk with your baby’s doctor.

Your 9 month-old-baby Your baby is 9 months old. Talk to your doctor if your baby
• doesn’t stand up.
• doesn’t sit with help.
• doesn’t babble (“mama”, “baba”, “dada”).
• doesn’t play any games with you.
• doesn’t respond when his name is called.
• doesn’t seem to recognize people he sees often.
• doesn’t look where you point.
• doesn’t take a toy from one hand and put it in the other hand.

Your doctor and your baby Your baby’s doctor will check your baby’s growth and development at each well-child visit. The doctor will talk with you about any concerns you may have. This is called “developmental monitoring.”

As soon as possible If a baby has a developmental delay, it is important to get help as soon as possible. Your doctor will assist you to get the help your baby needs.

Checklist A checklist can help you explain your concerns to your baby’s doctor.
Click here to see information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which includes a checklist>>

Click here to see a checklist from the Preschool Learning Center>>

Is your baby a WIC baby? If your baby is a WIC baby, and you are concerned about his growth, tell a WIC educator when you visit your WIC center.

Read about WIC eligibility here>>