Pregnant? Get your whooping cough (pertussis) shot soon!

Are you pregnant? It’s very important to get your whooping cough shot to protect you and your unborn child when you’re pregnant. (Whooping cough and pertussis are the same illness.)

You can get the whooping cough (pertussis) shot at any time of the year.

Dangerous for your baby! Whooping cough (pertussis) is very dangerous for newborns and older infants. Babies who have pertussis cough very, very hard and for a long time. These babies have a difficult time breathing, and they often get seizures. Some babies even die.

Protection When you are pregnant, your pertussis shot protects you and your unborn baby. The pertussis shot you get when you are pregnant continues to help your baby for a short time after he or she is born.

Ask your doctor for shots Ask your doctor for any shots you need. And ask the doctor any questions you have about immunization.

No matter when you’re pregnant! Pertussis is another name for whooping cough. Pertussis is different from the flu. You need a pertussis shot no matter when you are pregnant. Ask your doctor for a pertussis shot.

If you get pregnant again The pertussis shot you get while you’re pregnant will protect your unborn baby and your newborn baby for only a few months. If you get pregnant again, you will need a new shot.

Shots, immunization and vaccination Shots, immunization and vaccination are different words that mean almost the same thing.

Catching pertussis Tiny germs called pertussis bacteria cause pertussis. This illness is very serious. You or your baby can catch pertussis when a sick person coughs or sneezes or gets close to you.

If you catch pertussis, whether you are pregnant or not, you may get very sick.

Make sure your baby gets the shots! Your newborn baby will start getting his own pertussis shots when he’s about 2 months old. He will need a total of 4 shots to be completely protected.

Other people too The pertussis shot you get when you’re pregnant and the baby’s first pertussis shot are both important, but they aren’t enough. Ask everyone who will be near your baby to get immunized against pertussis. You don’t want other people to spread pertussis to your baby.

Today! Talk with your doctor today about getting pertussis shots.

Are you on WIC? Each time you become pregnant and enroll in WIC, one of our WIC educators will give you information about pertussis.

Each time you meet with a WIC educator or speak to a WIC educator over the phone, you will have a chance to ask questions and learn more.

Your WIC educator You can talk with your WIC educator during over the phone or during one-on-one sessions.

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