Dangers of lead

A big problem! Lead poisoning can be a big problem. It’s easy for a woman to end up with too much lead in her body.

You may not realize you are breathing lead or eating lead. The lead in your body can be passed to your unborn baby.

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Too much lead! Too much lead in your body can:
• put you at risk for miscarriage.
• cause your baby to be born too early or too small.
• hurt your baby’s brain, kidneys, and nervous system.
• cause your child to have learning or behavior problems.

Where? Lead can be found in:
• paint and dust in older homes, especially dust from renovation or repairs.
• candy, makeup, glazed pots, and folk medicine made in other countries.
• dirt and tap water.

Lead can also come from work like auto refinishing, construction, and plumbing.

Keep baby safe! Keep your baby safe from lead poisoning.
• Watch out for lead in your home. Most lead comes from paint in older homes.
• Talk to your doctor about lead.
• Avoid certain jobs or hobbies.
• Run water from the faucet until it becomes cold.
• Start with cold water when you’re cooking.
• Eat foods with calcium, iron, and vitamin C. These may help protect you and your baby.
• Don’t eat candies, spices, and other foods that travelers have brought into the country.
• Store food properly. Learn which dishes may have lead in them.
• Don’t eat dirt!

If you eat dirt or want to eat it, talk to your doctor!

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