Call 2-1-1

Health services and social services Are you trying to find information about health services or social services? Then phone 2-1-1. This call will be free.

When you call 2-1-1:
• You will receive free information.
• No one else will know about your call. It will be confidential.
• You will be able to speak to someone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
• You will be able to speak to someone in English, Spanish, or another language.
• You will be able to access TTY if you want to.

You can learn about:
• LA County services
• places where you can get free food
• shelters near you
• how to speak with your landlord when there’s a problem
• Medi-Cal and Food Stamps
• care for parents if they’re getting older
• employment information
• information about parenting
• health and legal services
• and much, much more!

Emergency? If you have an emergency, do not call 2-1-1. Call 9-1-1 instead.

More information about 2-1-1 For more information, go to the 2-1–1 LA County website:

A free public service 2-1-1 LA County is a public service for Los Angeles County residents. It connects people in need to services such as emergency food and shelter, transportation for seniors and the disabled, childcare, employment assistance, elder abuse prevention, housing assistance and much more.